Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Humans as Universes

Even though we roughly know how the universe works, we still don't have a satisfactory way of describing our personal experiences. The laws of physics, as we know them today, allow one to accurately simulate the time evolution of a person who is being tortured. But this doesn't explain the feeling of being tortured. Or perhaps it does? Perhaps all there is to our experiences of the physical world is a calculation. There exists a mathematical description of us and that is precisely what we are. The universe in which we live is ultimately also just a mathematical object in which we are embedded. So, in certain sense, we are universes in their own right.


Blogger QUASAR9 said...

YEP, but again we all have to go to the same airport and hubs 'most' others use to catch a plane. And traffic jams are caused by lots of individual universes wanting to drive cars on the same roads at the same times. But I like where your thinking is going.

Incidentally traffic jams, on roads, the internet or blogworld, the same principle/factor TIME. Q

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